Meet Our 2024 Voices Rising Champion:
Vada Griswold

Vada and her mom, Jamie, share a proud moment with the first page of their first draft of their upcoming book, 'Vada's Melody,' set to inspire readers in 2025. A story of resilience, hope, and the power of self-advocacy. Stay tuned for the journey!

At just 8 years old, Vada Griswold embodies the spirit of courage and creativity. An animal lover with a special fondness for bears, Vada also enjoys tennis, soccer, and crafting. Known for her boundless energy and kindness, she brings joy to everyone she meets. Vada is not only an avid reader but a storyteller too, drawing inspiration from tales of resilience and triumph.

After experiencing sudden hearing loss in one ear, Vada chose to receive a cochlear implant to maximize her hearing capabilities. She has worked diligently to hear as well as she can and is also learning sign language to enhance her communication with others who have hearing loss. Alongside her mother, Vada volunteers to speak with families recently navigating a hearing loss diagnosis, offering support and sharing her journey. Her advocacy and efforts to help others are a testament to her role as a true humanitarian, fully embodying the mission of Little Listeners Publishing.

Vada dreams of a future where she can continue to advocate for and support the hearing loss community, possibly as an audiologist or neurotologist. Her mission is clear: to empower herself and others to embrace their unique journeys with confidence.

Join us in supporting Vada as she uses her voice to inspire and advocate for others. Follow her story and her progress on Instagram at @VadasMelody. Together, we celebrate Vada’s determination and her vibrant spirit as she represents the Voices Rising Program this year.