Expanding Our Reach Beyond Book Publishing

Recognizing the significant gap in resources available to children with hearing loss, especially for non-english speakers, Dr. Stacey Armas expanded Little Listeners Publishing beyond publishing books to include comprehensive, humanitarian-focused programs. Driven by a commitment to empowerment and accessibility, the Hear to Inspire Initiative addresses the needs of children with hearing loss, especially in underserved and remote areas. This expansion into humanitarian efforts is a natural extension of our mission, bridging the gap between access and need, and ensuring that every child with hearing loss feels seen, heard, and supported, regardless of their geographical location, socio-economic status, or native language. By providing books and resources that reflect their experiences, we aim to help children develop a positive self-image, embrace their hearing devices, and build resilience. The initiative also offers valuable support and a sense of community for families, fostering shared experiences and bonding opportunities.

Our Hear to Inspire Initiative aims to enhance the lives of these children through five key programs1. Little Listeners Library; 2. Book Donations to Support Humanitarian Efforts; 3. The Voices Rising Mentorship Program,  4. Parent/Child Workshops; 5. Volunteering Globally


Hear to Inspire Programs

1. Little Listeners Library

Dr. Armas has personally curated a comprehensive, one-of-a-kind collection of over 100 children’s books focused on hearing loss and hearing devices. The Little Listeners Library includes nearly every children’s book available on these topics, providing diverse and empowering stories that reflect the experiences of children with hearing loss. This special library brings these books to deaf and hard of hearing programs and pediatric audiology clinics in Southern California as part of a fun interactive workshop led by Dr. Armas, herself! By enhancing representation, promoting understanding, and encouraging reading, it helps children with hearing loss see themselves in stories, fostering a sense of belonging and self-worth. The collection includes Dr. Armas’s own titles, “My Hearing, My Way,” and “Alma’s Hearing Journey.”

If you want your program to host the Little Listeners Library and workshop, please reach out to us! Currently, the library is limited to Southern California, but we will be expanding soon.

2. Book Donations to Support Global Humanitarian Efforts

We donate Dr. Armas’ books to deaf and hard of hearing programs, associations, and organizations globally. We provide these books, along with a companion activity book with instructions on how to hold an interactive story time session, to professionals in related fields who offer free humanitarian care to children with hearing loss. This initiative ensures children everywhere have access to empowering stories, fostering a love of reading and providing valuable support to those who serve these children, regardless of their geographic location or socio-economic status.

If you are a part of a humanitarian program offering services to children with hearing loss and would like a copy of a Little Listeners Publishing original book and instructional materials to perform outreach or workshops, please reach out to us!

3. Voices Rising Mentorship Program

The Voices Rising Program at Little Listeners Publishing mentors children with hearing loss to self-publish their own books. Each year, one child is guided through the self-publishing process, fostering creativity and confidence. The program includes personalized mentorship and support, culminating in the debut of the child’s book. The 2024 aspiring author has been selected, with their book debut set tentatively for Spring 2025. Applications for the 2025 program are currently open.

For more information about the Voices Rising Program and to apply to be the 2025 champion, please click here.

4. Parent/Child Workshops

We will offer workshops designed to strengthen family bonds and support children with hearing loss. These fun workshops include DIY personalization of hearing devices, creating books about their experiences, learning about deaf culture, and even hula hooping! These activities help children express themselves and foster a supportive community among families.

Workshops will be held in Southern California.

Sign up for updates to hear when our workshops dates are released.

5. Volunteering Globally

Dr. Armas is deeply committed to volunteering as a pediatric audiologist in hearing healthcare missions globally. Her dedication involves traveling around the world to collaborate with various humanitarian outreach programs that provide essential services such as hearing tests, fitting and distributing hearing devices, and offering comprehensive medical care to children in need. Dr. Armas aims to join at least 2-4 pro-bono missions annually, bringing her expertise and compassionate care to underserved communities. Her volunteer experiences as a pediatric audiologist include several successful missions to Baja California through the non-profit organization “Corazon de Vida,” and caring for athletes at the Special Olympics World Games, where she has made a significant impact by improving the quality of life for countless children with hearing loss from all across the world. Dr. Armas’s global volunteering efforts reflect her unwavering commitment to ensuring that all children, regardless of their location or circumstances, have access to the hearing healthcare they need to thrive.

Dr. Armas will be joining the Hearing Healthcare Mission in Guaymas, Mexico with AYÚDAME A ESCUCHAR (“Help Me to Hear”), a humanitarian program offered by the Mesa, AZ. Rotary Club, in November 2024.